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Continental Airlines was to upgrade its homepage yesterday with a fresher looking design. Instead, this upgrade is turning out to be a disaster. Frequent flyers on (one of the biggest forums for frequent flyers) are reporting that they are seeing other people’s reservations in their accounts, with the ability to change seats or even cancel the whole trip.

For a while, the whole reservations system was down and even now, the system does not recognize frequent flyer status and does not allow frequent flyers to choose seats in the premium sections.

This could have potentially disastrous consequences for Continental Airlines.

Here is a quote from

This is really terrible – CO should take the site down
I just went to CO and I was logged in as someone else and I had some couple’s upcoming Aug. trip to Chicago. I could change their seats cancel their flights.

Fortunately, you’d need a password in order to really wreak havoc with some one’s credit card etc.

CO should really put the old site back up. In this litigious world, they are risking being sued if someone horses around with someone else’s reservation.