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Is this really the world we live in now? A Frsico, TX art teacher was fired because she took her class to the Dallas Museum of Art and the students (I am sure among many other things) saw the statue of a nude man. Imagine the horror of that. Just imagine it. Your a fifth grader and you see a nude (lets say Greek) statue. Horror, pure horror. Who knows, you might just have to turn gay.

Now you just have to make sure your child never looks into a mirror after taking a shower.

Excerpt from the story:

FRISCO, Texas — An award-winning Texas art teacher who was reprimanded after one of her fifth-grade students saw a nude sculpture during a trip to a museum has lost her job.

The school board in Frisco has voted not to renew Sydney McGee‘s contract after 28 years. She has been on administrative leave.




From the New York Times:

For today’s well-heeled venture investor, tooling around in a fancy car is just not enough.

Consider Jeff Marshall’s unusual mode of transportation. The Greenwich (Conn.) Time newspaper reported Monday that Mr. Marshall owns and flies a Soviet L-39 attack fighter jet, which burns through nearly 200 gallons of fuel per hour while in the air. (And we thought our gas bill was high.)

While not quite as grand as the clipper-ship-on-steroids recently unveiled by Tom Perkins (see last link, below), Mr. Marshall’s plane sets a high bar for playthings among the venture capitalist set.

Mr. Marshall’s flyboy call name, we are told, is “Boom Boom.” His jet flies at up to 400 miles per hour, and by Mr. Marshall’s best reckoning, it was used during the Soviet war with Afghanistan in the 1980’s.

Mr. Marshall, who works in Stamford, Conn., uses the jet to take family trips on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., and Vermont, but has also used it to commute two days a week to Boston, “blowing past stalled traffic on Interstate 95 below,” according to the Time.

During his daily vocabular exercises, George Bush has now arrived at the word “mistake.” Smart move by his teachers, because he is going to need it.

The Oval: Bush Rethinks Admitting ‘Mistakes’ – Newsweek Politics –

Saying the M Word
President Bush has never liked the word ‘mistake.’ But in recent days, it’s become a more regular part of his vocabulary.

Updated: 3:21 p.m. ET April 12, 2006

12, 2006 – For Elton John, sorry seems to be the hardest word. But for
George W. Bush the hardest word has always been “mistake.” His
difficult relationship with the M word stretches back many years and is
bound up with his view of leadership, politics, the media and, yes, his

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Via Michelle Malkin.


April 12, 2006 For Immediate ReleaseContact: William Perry Pendley DENVER, CO.
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld should withhold federal funds from a California college given the failure of the college to ensure the safe presence of military recruiters on campus, the Secretary was advised by a public interest law firm in a letter released today. According to news reports, military recruiters were forced to flee yesterday from a University of California Santa Cruz job fair because of a raucous mob.

Mountain States Legal Foundation advised Rumsfeld that the college’s actions violate the Solomon Amendment, which requires that colleges permit military recruiters on campus or lose all federal funds. UC Santa Cruz received $80 million in federal funds during 2005. A unanimous Supreme Court ruled the Solomon Amendment constitutional early last month. “It is outrageous that members of the Armed Forces, who are asked to serve in harm’s way in Afghanistan and Iraq, are driven from a campus by a mob in America,” said William Perry Pendley, president and chief legal officer of Mountain States Legal Foundation. “Unless Secretary Rumsfeld responds to this craven violation of federal law, radicals on other campuses will be emboldened, will endanger the lives of men and women in uniform, and will deny students the right to learn how they may serve their country.”

Let me get this straight – students don't like the military recruiters – they probably get angry – and the recruiters leave. So much for our bold, strong military I guess if the recruiters can't handle students disagreeing with them. But I guess they are not trained to handle protesters when there are no guns allowed.

Are we to assume now that every time students choose to act on their own (isn't that what they are hopefully educated to do anyway?), especially when they disagree with the government, the school is liable for their actions. Obviously UC Santa Cruz does not have a policy against recruiters, just the students don't like them. Tough luck. Try to find cannon fodder at another school.

By the way, at my school, there are always recruiters around – no big deal, they just get ignored. They sit around behind their Army or Navy banner and surf the internet.

Update: Look at this video. Seems they were too afraid to walk past the students and exited so they would not be confronted by a group of non-violent students.

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The drudgereport yesterday had a big headline proclaiming that Iran was going to have a nuclear bomb in 16 days. Of course that was not the real story. If Iran had 54.000 centrifuges, then it could have the bomb in 16 days. It’s like a math problem. So if they had 108.000 centrifuges, they could do it in 8 days, or with 216.000 in 4 days, or even in just 1 day with 1.064.000 centrifuges.

Of course Iran is a threat right now, but lets not panic over this. In the end, what Iran is looking for is security guarantees from the U.S. and these threats are part of the program. Germany

April 12 (Bloomberg) — Iran, defying United Nations Security Council demands to halt its nuclear program, may be capable of making a nuclear bomb within 16 days, a U.S. State Department official said.


 Iran has informed the Vienna-based International Atomic
Energy Agency that it plans to construct 3,000 centrifuges at
Natanz next year, Rademaker said.

“We calculate that a 3,000-machine cascade could produce
enough uranium to build a nuclear weapon within 271 days,” he

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Flag BS


Oh God, somebody used an American Flag in “disturbing ways.” Michelle, was it disturbing because it was a Latino who did it? Maybe you can’t take the fact that there might soon be more Latino’s than WASPs in America? A little bit of racism there? Just a little bit?

What’s next – toilet paper with the flag on it?

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Brilliant logic at work here. This is from a discussion about the Italian Cardinal Renato Martino saying that it is only fair for Italian muslims to have their religion tought in schools side-by-side with other religions.

Renato Martino: “If there is a need. If in a school there are 100 children of the Islamic religion, I don’t see why they can’t be taught their religion,” he told a conference in Rome.

My favorite reaction from those ready for the rapture:

Vatican agrees, Teach the Quran in Public Schools! – Rapture Ready Message Board

Southern Lady: Young impressionable minds should not be taught a false religion. What if your child came home from school and told you I have become a Muslim?

Right – so what was the evidence for one religion being more right than the other again? Maybe our children should be taught to make up their own minds about these things.


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A U.S. federal blanket waiver has been approved allowing non-U.S. citizens living with HIV/AIDS to travel to the United States to participate in or attend the Gay Games 2006. The Federation of Gay Games (FGG), and Chicago Games, Inc. (CGI), announced today that the waiver comes with federal approval of Designated Event Status for Gay Games VII Sports & Cultural Festival set for 15-22 July 2006 in Chicago, Illinois.

Here is the reaction from out tolerant Christian friends:

Chahta's Avatar Chahta
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What kinda games do they compete in? Nude Twister? Would they be issuing visas for an African team for the bobsled that all had Ebola?

Oo wait, let me guess…. only if they were all gay.

hmmm that has a nice ring to it… Ebola bobsled. They could make a movie…..

And here is one who likes to continue on the gay-people-fornicate-like-crazy-and-can’t-control-themselves meme:

surferbill777's Avatar surferbill777
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Resident Rocker

The Gay Games are just another lame excuse to round up everyone for mass debauchery and to celebrate the “pride” of being gay. I highly doubt they care about athletics in the LEAST.So lets invite a bunch of infected people who will no doubt be hooking up with other people and will inevitably spread HIV further. Brilliant. If you live in Chicago, nows a good time to take a vacation.

Open mouth, insert finger.

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There is a funny little article by Janice Shaw Crouse on the a conservative outlet There is so much weird logic on it, you just have to read it yourself.

So those couples that want to “Test the Water” are more likely to get a divorce. I would say: well, if they wanted to test the water, there was always a good chance that things wouldn’t work out. Otherwise, they would have skipped the testing phase…

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE – Conservative News, Views & Books —

Myth No. 1:

Living Together Is a Good Way to “Test the Water?
Many couples say that they want to live together to see if they are compatible, not realizing that cohabitation is more a preparation for divorce than a way to strengthen the likelihood of a successful marriage — the divorce rates of women who cohabit are nearly 80% higher than those who do not. In fact, studies indicate that cohabiting couples have lower marital quality and increased risk of divorce. Further, cohabiting relationships tend to be fragile and relatively short in duration; less than half of cohabiting relationships last five or more years. Typically, they last about 18 months.

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Some people have too much time on their hand…

Former Clay Aiken Fans Deliberate Class-Action Lawsuit and FTC Complaint

Raleigh, NC — February 17, 2006 —

Recent media reports regarding performer Clay Aiken has led a group of 9 disillusioned former fans to consider a class-action lawsuit and a possible FTC Complaint against the recording and promotional entities behind Aiken.

“As consumers, we feel ripped off. It is obvious now that the private Clay is very different from the manufactured packaged public Clay that was marketed to us” said a spokesman for the group.
“We believe that this was absolutely fraudulent and that we may have actionable recourse against the record company”.

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