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From the New York Times:

For today’s well-heeled venture investor, tooling around in a fancy car is just not enough.

Consider Jeff Marshall’s unusual mode of transportation. The Greenwich (Conn.) Time newspaper reported Monday that Mr. Marshall owns and flies a Soviet L-39 attack fighter jet, which burns through nearly 200 gallons of fuel per hour while in the air. (And we thought our gas bill was high.)

While not quite as grand as the clipper-ship-on-steroids recently unveiled by Tom Perkins (see last link, below), Mr. Marshall’s plane sets a high bar for playthings among the venture capitalist set.

Mr. Marshall’s flyboy call name, we are told, is “Boom Boom.” His jet flies at up to 400 miles per hour, and by Mr. Marshall’s best reckoning, it was used during the Soviet war with Afghanistan in the 1980’s.

Mr. Marshall, who works in Stamford, Conn., uses the jet to take family trips on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., and Vermont, but has also used it to commute two days a week to Boston, “blowing past stalled traffic on Interstate 95 below,” according to the Time.


Human Quadrupeds

From AFP through Yahoo News:

Human quadrupeds discovered in Turkey

Tue Mar 7, 7:56 AM ETLONDON (AFP) –

The discovery of a Turkish family that walks on all fours could aid research into the evolution of humans.ADVERTISEMENTResearchers believe the five brothers and sisters, who can walk naturally only on all fours, may provide new information on how humans evolved from four-legged hominids to walk upright.Nicholas Humphrey, evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics, told The Times the discovery opened "an extraordinary window on our past".

Human quadrupeds discovered in Turkey – Yahoo! News

And here is the right wing Christian reaction thanks to Rachel A. on Rapture Ready:

Why does it have to be an "evolutionary link"???

How about they are just weird people.

Sometimes people really over-analyze these things.

I used to know a kid that ate worms and dirt too. Maybe he was an "evolutionary link" too! You know, back to a time when our animal-like ancestors ate bugs and such??? Last I heard he was living in Columbus. Maybe we should contact the scientists and let them know about him too!!!


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