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From the New York Times:

For today’s well-heeled venture investor, tooling around in a fancy car is just not enough.

Consider Jeff Marshall’s unusual mode of transportation. The Greenwich (Conn.) Time newspaper reported Monday that Mr. Marshall owns and flies a Soviet L-39 attack fighter jet, which burns through nearly 200 gallons of fuel per hour while in the air. (And we thought our gas bill was high.)

While not quite as grand as the clipper-ship-on-steroids recently unveiled by Tom Perkins (see last link, below), Mr. Marshall’s plane sets a high bar for playthings among the venture capitalist set.

Mr. Marshall’s flyboy call name, we are told, is “Boom Boom.” His jet flies at up to 400 miles per hour, and by Mr. Marshall’s best reckoning, it was used during the Soviet war with Afghanistan in the 1980’s.

Mr. Marshall, who works in Stamford, Conn., uses the jet to take family trips on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., and Vermont, but has also used it to commute two days a week to Boston, “blowing past stalled traffic on Interstate 95 below,” according to the Time.


Is Flock Any Good

I have been playing around with flock a bit and I have to say I am excited about the product, but I will not be using it full-time anytime soon. There are too many minor issues that still need to be dealt with:

* bookmarks are not imported (and especially Firefox bookmarks don’t work at all – which is weird, given that flock is based on Firefox…) 

* given how important the favorites are, why is there no really easy way to access them? * why is there no easy way to access the feeds? First you have to select Manage Favorites and only then can you click on feeds. There should be a more elegant solution to this. Why doesn’t the feed show next to the sidebar listing the different categories? Now I have to click my way back to the favorites to switch to a different category.

* the feeds are not presented very effectively. They seem to be organized by date. All on one very long page. RSSreader and others do this more elegantly.

* I am sucker for those little icons next to my bookmarks. They give me a quick visual guide and they don’t show up in flock * the blogging feature works well – I have to give them that

* I don’t understand the ‘shelf’ feature. I can store text in there, but how do I get the text out of there? Not very intuitive.

* I will think of more during the night…