Death of TV Drawing Closer

Now CBS is joining ABC in putting its prime-time shows online. According to Reuters, Surviver and CSI are first, followed by a new show called Jericho.

These are interesting developments and with young people drawing away from TV, this might be just the move all the networks will have to make in the long (short?) term. It’s been a long time that I heard somebody couldn’t make it to an event because it conflicted with a TV show…

From Reutersrs:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – CBS Corp. on Tuesday said it plans to air prime time television programs, including its top-rated CSI series and “Survivor” show, on the Internet for free.

The shows will include “limited commercial interruption” and be made available on its high speed Internet channel innertube the morning after it airs on the CBS broadcast network, the company said.

The move comes as traditional media companies attempt to lure a younger audience spending more time consuming entertainment and news on alternative outlets, from personal computers to hand held devices.

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