Noah’s Ark Story Debunked by Creationist

Wyatts ark

A group of Texas adventurers announced last week that they found
the remains of Noah’s Ark on the slopes of a rugged mountain in
Iran. The fourteen-man expedition, led by explorer and speaker Dr Bob
Cornuke, returned with video and photographic evidence of a black
object 400 ft long and 13,120 feet above sea level, as well as samples
of the ‘wooden beams’.

The team included well-known leaders from business, law and
Christian ministry, including Barry Rand (former CEO of Avis), Josh
McDowell (author and Christian apologist), Frank Turek (author), Boone
Powell (former CEO of Baylor Medical Systems), and Arch Bonnema
(president of Joshua Financial).


A creationist geologist’s assessment

'Ark' object.


The face of this ‘Ark’ object shows the appearance of folded sediment, not of wood grain. From

From my perusal of the photos, (and I can only go from the
pictures, not having visited the site), the object does not look like
Noah’s Ark to me. The black object looks like a rock outcrop, and
the close-up shots of the ‘beams’ suggest that the whole
area has been sheared by tectonic movement, causing folding and

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