Sometimes it is just too hard not to make fun of them… read and be amazed how God let this squirrel die without pain.

March 19th, 2006, 01:35 PM


My children spoke and God heard them

This morning I saw our cat walking with a squirrel in her mouth. Not wanting to see her kill anything (or eat it or bring it into the house) I immediately cornered the cat and got her away from the squirrel.After putting the cat in the garage, the children (age 6 and 11) and I watched the injured squirrel laying on the pavement outside our window. We don’t know if the squirrel’s neck was broken, but it appeared to be injured and not breathing very well. It was then that we held hands and prayed this prayer to God:

Dear God, “We ask that you be with this little squirrel right now. We don’t know if this squirrel is going to live or die, but we know that (her) life is in your hands. Please either heal this squirrel and help her to run away, or bring her home to you so that she is not suffering in pain any more.”

A few moments later the squirrel stopped gasping for breath. We watched her for a while to make sure that she wasn’t in pain. We thanked the Lord for answering our prayers and for bringing this little squirrel home to him. I am sure that this little incident taught the children how to pray to God immediately when a disaster happens, instead of waiting hours or days to ask HIM for direction.

I thank the Lord for this opportunity for HIM to reveal Himself to us this morning. I thank the Lord for HIS grace and mercy.

So, you think what just happened was a COINCIDENCE, huh?

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