Catholic Church: Teach Quran

Brilliant logic at work here. This is from a discussion about the Italian Cardinal Renato Martino saying that it is only fair for Italian muslims to have their religion tought in schools side-by-side with other religions.

Renato Martino: “If there is a need. If in a school there are 100 children of the Islamic religion, I don’t see why they can’t be taught their religion,” he told a conference in Rome.

My favorite reaction from those ready for the rapture:

Vatican agrees, Teach the Quran in Public Schools! – Rapture Ready Message Board

Southern Lady: Young impressionable minds should not be taught a false religion. What if your child came home from school and told you I have become a Muslim?

Right – so what was the evidence for one religion being more right than the other again? Maybe our children should be taught to make up their own minds about these things.


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