Gay Games to Allow HIV Positive Athletes

A U.S. federal blanket waiver has been approved allowing non-U.S. citizens living with HIV/AIDS to travel to the United States to participate in or attend the Gay Games 2006. The Federation of Gay Games (FGG), and Chicago Games, Inc. (CGI), announced today that the waiver comes with federal approval of Designated Event Status for Gay Games VII Sports & Cultural Festival set for 15-22 July 2006 in Chicago, Illinois.

Here is the reaction from out tolerant Christian friends:

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What kinda games do they compete in? Nude Twister? Would they be issuing visas for an African team for the bobsled that all had Ebola?

Oo wait, let me guess…. only if they were all gay.

hmmm that has a nice ring to it… Ebola bobsled. They could make a movie…..

And here is one who likes to continue on the gay-people-fornicate-like-crazy-and-can’t-control-themselves meme:

surferbill777's Avatar surferbill777
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The Gay Games are just another lame excuse to round up everyone for mass debauchery and to celebrate the “pride” of being gay. I highly doubt they care about athletics in the LEAST.So lets invite a bunch of infected people who will no doubt be hooking up with other people and will inevitably spread HIV further. Brilliant. If you live in Chicago, nows a good time to take a vacation.

Open mouth, insert finger.

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