Cohabitation is Bad for You!

There is a funny little article by Janice Shaw Crouse on the a conservative outlet There is so much weird logic on it, you just have to read it yourself.

So those couples that want to “Test the Water” are more likely to get a divorce. I would say: well, if they wanted to test the water, there was always a good chance that things wouldn’t work out. Otherwise, they would have skipped the testing phase…

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Myth No. 1:

Living Together Is a Good Way to “Test the Water?
Many couples say that they want to live together to see if they are compatible, not realizing that cohabitation is more a preparation for divorce than a way to strengthen the likelihood of a successful marriage — the divorce rates of women who cohabit are nearly 80% higher than those who do not. In fact, studies indicate that cohabiting couples have lower marital quality and increased risk of divorce. Further, cohabiting relationships tend to be fragile and relatively short in duration; less than half of cohabiting relationships last five or more years. Typically, they last about 18 months.

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