Clay Aiken Gay and Dragged to Court Because of It

Some people have too much time on their hand…

Former Clay Aiken Fans Deliberate Class-Action Lawsuit and FTC Complaint

Raleigh, NC — February 17, 2006 —

Recent media reports regarding performer Clay Aiken has led a group of 9 disillusioned former fans to consider a class-action lawsuit and a possible FTC Complaint against the recording and promotional entities behind Aiken.

“As consumers, we feel ripped off. It is obvious now that the private Clay is very different from the manufactured packaged public Clay that was marketed to us” said a spokesman for the group.
“We believe that this was absolutely fraudulent and that we may have actionable recourse against the record company”.

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  1. Twiggy

    Clay Aiken is bisexual. Why do you think he denied rumors being gay but, never admitted he was straight? Hellooooooooooooooo, the man likes both.

  2. Mike

    The whole thing is bogus. There is no lawsuit. Its just a bunch of Kelly Clarkson fans that pulled a prank. Fan wars are so lame.

  3. Solvia

    I think he is gay. I don’t blame the fans. This is fraud letting someone think you are a Christian and all when you are not. I also think Cliff Richard (a British Pop Singer) is doing the same thing.

  4. sam nad claire

    i love clay and im noTT gay..but ya heZ soooooooooooooo gaYY!!!!

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