AFA Against the Book of Daniel – Part II

Looks as if the AFA has won over common sense once again. A few NBC stations have decided not to run “The Book of Daniel.” after the AFA had called for a boykott. This is a classic case of homophobia dressed up as a fight against blasphemy.

Jeff Jarvis (aka. “The Buzzmachine”) is pissed – very pissed – and damn right he is:

So these NBC scumbags went along with it. Would they have gone alone
with the KKK trying to kill I Spy because it had a black star? Same
thing. Bigotry is bigotry. One station tried to make up a spin that
it’s a protest again the regulatory environment. Well, bullshit.
Shows with homosexual characters are not — yet — a subject
of regulation.

The discussion gets out of hand, of course – but any religious discussion gets out of hand sooner or later – at least in today’s America. In Europe – nobody would care because there, well, the majority doesn’t care about religion anymore.

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