GMail a Failure?

Somebody at ExtremeTech thinks so… Pretty much everything in the article is wrong. Nice job.,1697,1906401,00.asp

Do you have a Gmail address? If so, raise your hand. Ah, good, there are a few. Now, do you use your Gmail account as your primary account to actually send and receive mail? Riiigghhht, most of you put your hands down.What Gmail did that was the real
bombshell was to up the storage limitation to 2GB (now nearly 3GB
according to my Gmail page). But Google’s competitors mostly followed
suit, and now everyone has vast amounts of storage.

Gmail is inconvenient in many ways. Managing a mailing list isn’t trivial. Trying to send legitimate attachments with executable files is damn near impossible. Even ZIP files are a chore.

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  1. I use Gmail all the time as my primary address (I know it’s not the one I give out in this comment but I rarely give it out on websites) as do quite a lot of my friends. Their fairly weak argument fails to see that the Gmail interface is much more sophisticated than most other mail systems in my opinion.

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