Alaska Airlines 536 Almost Crashes and Blogger gets Flamed Over His Report

Somebody please explain this to me. Jeremy Hermanns was on Alask Airlines Flight #536 which experienced de-pressurization at 30k feet. Cold SceneryHe, (and all others on board), survived and wrote a blog post about it. Then he gets flamed for it. Read the comments. They get vicious very quickly. Why?

Here are some of the comments:

So let me get this right. During a mid air emergency you decided to turn on your cell phone and snap pictures that you could sell to the media if you survived? Don’t you think that by doing this you could have caused further problems for everyone around you? Did you also ignore the no smoking light and spark up a cigar?By Vince on 12.28.05 9:42 amSo let me get this straight? You put on an oxygen mask? And then, umm, you made an emergency descent and landed? AND you lived to “blog? about it! Alright!Yawn…By Jeff on 12.28.05 9:15 am

Maybe if you turned your cell phone off like you are supposed to, none of this would have happened. Idiot.By Steve Hays on 12.28.05 8:48 am

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