Western Ontario Striptease Scandal

A freshmen girl at the University of Western Ontario stripped. Big scandal. Link is not work-safe!

University of Western Ontario Striptease PhotosThe University of Western Ontario is investigating an incident in which a female first-year student performed a full striptease and lap dance in October for several males in a residence bedroom, with graphic photos soon sent out over the Internet.

University Ontario Striptease Pics Gallery

A nother good link (this one without pictures:


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  1. all we can say is i guess “what can we say, its her choice”

  2. I agree. Works for me. Go for it!

  3. bren

    what was her motive behind it?

    to get guys? to get laid?

    or is she desparate? :-\

  4. Much adoo about ?? Nothing ! Only a naked girl !! All other guys still wearing his pants… Do you really think it was a so big scandal ??
    Here in Italy, some weeks ago, there was a girl that gives nude pictures of herself to win the classroom elections !! So…

  5. Paul

    what is this girls name and how does she feel about all these pics being spread onto the net ?

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