Why is Kong not the King of the Box Office?

There have been a bunch of comments on King Kong’s weak opening since Wednesday. While looking on Technorati, it seems bloggers love the movie. Reviews have been excellent. Yet, people didn’t show up in droves as many expected.

What did I do? I didn’t go yet. I am holding out until tomorrow maybe, or next week. Yes, it will be an awesome movie, no doubt. But I don’t feel I need to see it right away. I also didn’t feel the buzz in the last couple if weeks. When talking to friends, nobody was really interested in the movie either. A remake of King Kong. Great. Everybody knows the 30s version, or the 70s version or the second part from the 80s. I has a big monkey and a damsel in distress. Most TV shows have more complicated plots than King Kong these days.

One thing I think is happening is that the movie season this years has just been full of abysmal movies. Pretty much everything sucked. So the masses are wary of King Kong – another blockbuster that might just suck. Reviews were good, but who reads reviews? No the majority that fills the theater for movies such as XXX-2 or Aeon Flux. Think of it as TV. A great lead-in will result in higher ratings for the show immediately following. The lead-in to King Kong has just been crap so far this year.

Word of mouth might make the movie some extra money in the next few weeks. Maybe this can be the movie that turn the opening weekend craze around. Let’s see.

I wonder what the numbers are worldwide. Are they just as bad?

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