UConn Students are Nazis – Bill O’Reilly

Via Media Matters – O’Reilly: UConn students, certain websites are “far-left Nazis”

O’REILLY: Most people showed up, and I think there were, like, 1,300 of them, to hear what the woman had to say. These far-left Nazis — and that’s what they are, OK? — came in, not only insulted Ms. Coulter but violated the rights of the people who came to hear what she had to say. This is unacceptable on every level. And it’s unacceptable to do what they do on their websites: to defame, to lie, to do whatever, you know, sleazy thing they can think of to people with whom they disagree.

Just to clear up a few things: there were about 2500 people in the audience, the auditorium seats about 2700 and there were very few empty seats.

Most (I guess 95%) of the audience were students. A very large number had no idea what they were witnessing. UConn students in general are not very political. While entering, I overheard a girl say: “I have to listen to this speaker lady now and then we can have a drink later.” I can’t help but feel that there were a lot of extra credit assignments sitting in the audience.

  Most all of Ann Coulter’s joke went right over the student’s heads. Very little laughter in general. 90 percent of the audience was quiet most of the time, but grew more and more irritated by Coulter as time went on. By the time the music started playing, she had insulted most everybody. At one point, she told those students who disagreed with her to go back to their dorm rooms and masturbate.

Those students who knew who Ann Coulter was beforehand came to witness a freak show – that’s what they got. Nobody has a constitutional right to hear Ann Coulter speak. Her show is meant to provoke. She does not come to present a coherent argument. Her jokes are lame (her first joke bombed badly – I just can’t remember what it was about). It is not even a good comedy show.

And, by the way, she was not invited by the University of Connecticut. She was invited by the College Republicans who secured funding – just like any other organization can – through the Undergraduate Student Government.

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  1. Jolly Sapper

    huh… I’m a student at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and a few weeks back there was a bit ofa brou-ha-ha about OUR college republicans trying to get extra funding from the school to pay her for a show. While not a huge fan and somewhat repulsed by her, I would like to see her show up ( only without being paid with my money). If the UofA republicans want to be associated with her, and she acts like she normally acts, she not only embarrasses herself but the college republicans that invited her.

  2. Rob

    Coulter does not provoke anything, just a repiglican rambler with a forked tongue. She is a total waste of time and valuable air.

  1. 1 Engaged to a Carolina Tarhole » O’Reilly? UCONN?

    […] I just keep tossing these back and forth in my head.  Because of this.  I just couldn’t decide whether to link to it or really what to say because while I don’t like Bill O’Reilly (believe this topic was covered earlier) I also don’t like UCONN.  I’m a conservative, but I also don’t care too much for Anne Coulter, who seems to be buddies with O’Reilly. In the end, I say, screw it, because by now I can’t remember what the link actually concerns, anyways.  (Note to self:  Do Not Drink And Blog–It Kills…Braincells!!)  Oh yea, good ol’ Bill called some UCONN students, “nazis.”  Which just goes to show how stupid O’Reilly is because we all know they are convicts, not nazis…get your facts together O’Reilly.  Sheesh. […]

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