Ann Coulter on Hannity and Colems

The Newshounds have a nice commentary on Ann Coulter‘s appearance on Hannity and Colmes after the UConn accident. My write-up of the events is here. Amazing how “Kyle’s Mum is a Big Fat Bitch” can shake the mighty Ann Coulter.

News Hounds: Ann Coulter Spaced Out And Confused On Hannity & Colmes

After the break, Colmes asked why she didn’t get a chance to finish her speech. “What happened? Did they interfere with you? Were they shouting you down? Did they not let you speak?”

Another long silence. “Um, yes, correct, all of the above. “

“Can you tell us what happened?”

“Boom box (fumbles for words, then stutters) Boombox.”

“Boombox?” You could almost hear Colmes thinking, “uh-oh.”

Hannity asked if the audience reaction wasn’t proof that Coulter was “getting to” the students. “Um, no, that’s right…. But I was paid to give a speech, and I didn’t get to give it (laugh), so, um (long pause) I think there may be a class action lawsuit against the college Democrats.”

Somehow, I doubt that will happen.

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  1. whatever happened to Ann Coulter? she seems to make a fewer public appearances nowadays

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