Ann Coulter At UConn – A Review of Sorts

I thought I would add a few thoughts about Ann Coulter’s “speech” at UConn yesterday, as CNN and the Drudge Report have picked it up. Most people commenting in the blogosphere were not there, so maybe I can add my own review of events here – in no particular order.

  • The even started about half an hour late – as is typical in those circumstances, no announcement was ever made, so the crowd was already a bit edgy by the time she walked up.
  • Six people were sitting on the stage, no idea why. I assume they were College Republicans. They did look uncomfortable, though, with about 2500 people looking at them.
  • First six rows were reserved for Campus Republicans. I saw one kid with long hair in the back getting called out and frisked in the back. He came back clean, though his seat was now taken by some kids with Santa Claus hats.
  • Ann Coulter’s political jokes went over the heads of about 80% of the audience. College students, at least at UConn, don’t care about CBS news, don’t know their Scarborough from their Al Franken, and so those jokes only cracked up half the College Republicans – though some looked as if they didn’t know what they were laughing about.
  • After walking up, she went right into her routine. Didn’t acknowledge the fact that she was on a campus – nothing. Not a good way of getting people on you side.
  • She invoked Godwin’s law really early on – I don’t remember what it was, but obviously it involved a jab at Jews and a reference to Nazis.
  • The crowd was unruly from the beginning.
  • She seemed to mostly deliver one-liners. No coherent speech at all.
  • I thought it was funny that she poked fun at Ted Kennedy for not being able to drive on a straight line, after being she was introduced with some quotes from Rush Limbaugh.
  • Calling Senators learning disabled doesn’t win you many favors.
  • The left wing (I hate the term liberal – the right wing has ruined it) was unruly. People got up after about five minutes – she was heckled throughout the performance.
  • Her comments were exactly what was to be expected. Nothing new.
  • She looked more and more irritated as the show went on.
  • At one point, she told the lefties to “Go back to your dorm rooms and do what you usually do there.” I took it as a reference to masturbation…
  • When “Kyle’s mom is a big fat bitch” came on – most of the audience cheered. Really – that’s what people came for – a freak show.
  • She looked mighty pissed at that point – talked to her security detail. I thought she was going to go off stage right away. Took about five minutes of people shouting “You suck” before the music stopped. Security and police looked really confused.
  • She told the Republicans that she would now sign autographs. The Republicans couldn’t believe their luck, but the music stopped at that point. Rather ironic. The kids looked so happy for a moment.
  • She announced that it was now time for question and answer. She likes to hear from people stupider than her.
  • Questions were mostly indeed stupid. Though some were good: what would you do if your kid came out of the closet (tell the kid he/she was adopted)? Can you tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know (she couldn’t)? When can we declare victory in Iraq (don’t remember the answer)?
  • But most questions were too stupid. Some people tried to kiss her ass.
  • A lesbian girl told her that she was so hot.
  • People kept heckling her – especially from the back. I guess those were the kids protesting before the show.
  • At some point, she just had enough. She didn’t answer any questions beyond snide (often personal) remarks, so people chanted “Answer the questions.” Instead she left.
  • End of story.

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