Adam Curry – the Wikipedia – and what it all means

The more I am thinking about the whole Curry Affair, the more I think it is really about Wikipedia more than about Curry himself. We have come to this point, where people look at Wikipedia as an authoritative source of information – which it is simply not. The Curry Affair has brought this into the spotlight of the blogosphere. I am sure if you asked people who contribute on Wikipedia a lot, they would say that this is a pretty common occurrence.

At the same time, there also has been some anger brewing in the podcasting community over the last couple of months. I notice it daily on the podcasters mailing lists. He got the money and the listeners (though nobody but podshow seems to know the real numbers). Hell, Madge Weinstein is never as funny as when she bitches about him. Google is going through the same phase right now. Yet, podcasting is so new, I am not sure what it will do to the movement as such. The comments on were anything but favorable. Podcasting is still seen as an amateur, not-worth-your-time vanity medium. The more emphasis there is on occasions where podcasting really is all about vanity and not about content, the more this opinion will sink in. If the techno-elite thinks so – who is going to evangelize?

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