Mark Evans Nails It

I guess I was not alone in my sentiments about flock. I just don’t see the point and it seems I am not the only one. But I will keep using it a little but longer before I draw any conclusions. I am starting to like the blog intigration, but I am not sure that will make me stay. Until then, read Mark’s comments:

Hey, I’m all for the little guy but this whole build it (cool technology) and they (millions of users) will come thing is getting out of hand. These days, everyone points to Skype to demonstrate the power of disruptive technology and viral marketing but Skype is a total anomaly that has become online myth because eBay temporarily lost its mind. Maybe I’m wrong about Flock or over-cynical or lack vision about what it could be down the road, but I don’t see how the buzz can be justified. The counter-argument is “well, look at Firefox”. That may be true but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Mark Evans :: Flock – Why All the Buzz?

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  1. I dunno… I think Flock is a pretty amazing concept – pull all the social tech together in a way that normal people can easily use it. That’s the kind of thing that makes “normal people” pick up things that we take for granted.

    Today’s social tech doesn’t pass the “my mom” test… my mom has no idea what these things are, much less how to use them. Provide her a tool like Flock and she’ll be using them without even knowing she’s using them.

    The adoption curve of RSS is a great example of this. As bloggers/blog readers, most of us love and are addicted to RSS. But look the ~10% adoption curve across all internet users. What’s amazing to us is simply non-existant to most Internet users.

    Kudos to the Flock team for doing this, and if you think about this beyond just what YOU might get out of it, I thiink you’ll clearly see how significant this really is.

  1. 1 Big Tree » More Flocking

    […] Jake from has commented here that we need to keep the ‘mom test’ in mind when talking about social tools like flock, RSS and (by extension) tagging, etc. When we think beyond what WE might get out of this tool, its future does indeed look much brighter. […]

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