Tom Friedman on Podcasting in China

Tom Friedman of the New York Times has a column about the advances podcasting is making behind the Great Firewall. Sadly it is part of the Times Select program, but here is a short snipped and a link for those privy to such kind of information:

I got a little glimpse of the future visiting a small apartment in suburban Shanghai, home to China’s leading podcasting Web site,

“We already have 13,000 channels on our site and about 5,000 of them are updated regularly,” said Gary Wang, 32, the Fuzhou-born and U.S.- and French-educated Chinese engineer who founded Toodou. Any Chinese can create his or her own channel of video or audio content on Toodou (which means “potato”), and other individuals sign up to get that channel’s new uploads. Eventually Toodou will charge a monthly subscription fee.

“I want to create hundreds of thousands of different channels, maintained by just average people, where other people can access them and download the material,” Mr. Wang added. And he will, because of how easy it is to upload and podcast homemade video and audio content. There are almost no barriers to entry. (His site does self-censor porn and anything that’s obviously against Chinese law – but anything else goes.)


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