Is Flock Any Good

I have been playing around with flock a bit and I have to say I am excited about the product, but I will not be using it full-time anytime soon. There are too many minor issues that still need to be dealt with:

* bookmarks are not imported (and especially Firefox bookmarks don’t work at all – which is weird, given that flock is based on Firefox…) 

* given how important the favorites are, why is there no really easy way to access them? * why is there no easy way to access the feeds? First you have to select Manage Favorites and only then can you click on feeds. There should be a more elegant solution to this. Why doesn’t the feed show next to the sidebar listing the different categories? Now I have to click my way back to the favorites to switch to a different category.

* the feeds are not presented very effectively. They seem to be organized by date. All on one very long page. RSSreader and others do this more elegantly.

* I am sucker for those little icons next to my bookmarks. They give me a quick visual guide and they don’t show up in flock * the blogging feature works well – I have to give them that

* I don’t understand the ‘shelf’ feature. I can store text in there, but how do I get the text out of there? Not very intuitive.

* I will think of more during the night…


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